The Story of a True Bump Butter Mom - TIFFANY'S JOURNEY

My name is Tiffany and I work in the nonprofit sector assisting with underrepresented individuals in the Technology field. I started using the Shea + Coconut Bump Butter when I became pregnant last year with my first child. I have struggled with dry skin and wanted a moisturizer that I didn’t have to continuously apply and that would also prevent stretch marks.

In the past I would usually moisturize with coconut oil or olive oil. Olive oil is often too lightweight to maintain moisture and I'm not a huge fan of the smell of pure coconut oil. When I am using the Bump Butter, I exclusively use it because it lasts throughout the day. I typically use it once in the morning and again in the evening.

My skin absorbs the bump butter slowly, which means I don't have to keep reapplying, which I have to do with most moisturizers. My skin is smooth and it's no longer itchy. I have very dry skin, which makes finding a good moisturizer very difficult. I've tried everything, all the way up to moisturizers for burn victims. Nothing was both long lasting and lightweight. So, I had to either be greasy or ashy. Not great choices.

What inspires me most about Shea + Coconut is that I can tell these products were made with love and time. They reflect patience and consideration for those that desire healthy and beautiful skin.

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