Emma's Journey to Healing

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

My name is Emma Steelman. I am a goldsmith and a leader within a few non-profit organizations and this is my Journey to Healing...

I began using Shea + Coconut products during the summer of 2020. My favorite body butter is the combo of Rose and Sweet June Carter. I tried a few hand lotions before. None worked well so I gave up on lotion/hydration products. I would randomly pick up new products at Target to try over the years, but nothing worked well for me.

My hands were always torn up from my goldsmith work. My hands were so dry and cracked even in the summertime. I first tried the Rose body butter, and within days my hands were so much better. They stopped cracking, all my dry skin patches cleared up, and my hands felt hydrated for the first time in years. I started using the butter on my hands in the summer and continued use through the winter. The benefits in the winter were wonderful, no cracked knuckles or bleeding!

With the work I do within the nonprofit world, I end up being outside a lot. I got sunburned so badly last summer. I used the shea butter instead of aloe to see what would happen. I have never had a sunburn clear up so quickly!!! The pain decreased and I hardly peeled. I was honestly amazed and I will always use the Shea + Coconut body butter instead of aloe. It is so exciting to know that when my skin needs help, that I finally have a product I can trust to do the job.

It’s also so nice to know the butters I am putting on my skin have only beneficial ingredients. I never have to worry about ingredients causing irritation again! Shea + Coconut has inspired me to take better care of my skin. Stephanie is so kind and puts so much thought and care into her products.

Shea + Coconut gave me the push I needed to invest in this form of self care I now exclusively use Shea + Coconut products on my hands, legs, and arms. I have continued to use Shea + Coconut’s products because it works so well!!! The hydration and healing doesn't even compare to anything else I've tried. I also love that by using these products I can support a wonderful woman owned business.

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