Devan's Journey to Healing

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

My name is Devan. I am a barber, and this is my Journey to Healing…

I discovered Shea + Coconut at a farmers market in the Nation's in the early summer of 2019. I actually did not buy the product that day but my friend did. I tried some of hers and loved it so much that I had to track it down on social media to purchase it.

I've used every scent but Slay is my favorite.

Before using Shea + Coconut, I had tried several products including Neutrogena, Burt’s Bees hand salve, Eucerin, and even steroids given to me by my doctors for my severely dried hands, just to name a few. Most products helped but nothing really healed. I mostly only use Shea + Coconut when my hands are cracking or blistering, along with a hemp lotion.

After I tried Shea + Coconut body butter that first time, I knew immediately something was different about this product. I have struggled with psoriasis for years. My hands stay wet with my job. It can create extreme dryness and blistering between my fingers.

At times, I had to use gloves to cut hair.

Since using the product, I haven't had to use gloves at all! It hasn't just helped with the symptoms; it has helped heal my skin. It has definitely changed my life. Just to be able to do my job without pain or constantly applying lotions or wearing gloves is freeing. I really thought I would have to battle this my entire career.

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