Colleen's Journey to Healing

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

My name is Colleen. I am a wife, mom of two, and the owner of Darling Bows and Bits, a bow shop, and this is my Journey to Healing...

Every winter, my eczema/dry skin would flare up. My hands would be dry and cracking to the point of bleeding. During my recent pregnancy, I developed stretch marks on my belly. For my hands, I tried pretty much anything I was recommended; Rose Salve, Gold Bond, Weleda, The Body Shop, Lush, Vaseline, you name it! But none of them brought me the relief I so desired.

Last September, I started using Shea + Coconut: Rose Body Butter regularly. I started to notice my hands didn't dry out a single bit that winter! I was hooked. I also decided to try it on my belly stretch marks when I was pregnant, and it completely got rid of them! Someone commented on how perfect my belly was, and I laughed only to discover that they had disappeared! I'm currently trying out the new Bump Butter for my remaining stretch marks and C-section scar, and I'm excited to see the results!

I was incredibly self-conscious of my hands when they would dry out. It was disgusting, and I felt like everyone would notice and comment on them. Shea + Coconut products not only helped me feel better but they helped me feel more confident in my skin!

Shea + Coconut body butters are the only ones I use. My favorite is Rose butter. It smells SO good and feels incredible! I really appreciate how everything is made from scratch with raw, ethically sourced ingredients too. You can feel the difference in the products, and you can see the passion and love poured into them. Being a small shop owner myself, I absolutely love supporting fellow small shop owners!

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