Chemical Free

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

In our recent insta poll 67% said they are aware there is no such thing as a chemical free product, while 33% said they did not.

While we are glad it seems these fast grab words are losing their hold in the natural beauty community, there are still new ones that seem to pop up everyday. Some of those new words are clean beauty, biodegradable, compostable, toxic ingredients, parabens, ingredient traceability, biofilm and many more.

While all of these words have merit in ensuring your natural beauty products don’t hurt you or the planet, there is still so much to learn about all of them. For instance, we learned in a recent podcast which we highly recommend, Green Beauty Conversations, a product being biodegradable is so much more complex. Can the environment it is placed in actually break it down, does it need to be industrially biodegraded?

One of the reasons you don’t see us adding all those fancy words is because most of them are just that, fancy words. There is so much behind the door that regular consumers do not see, and are just not aware of. Our suggestion is always stop and think before jumping onto the next trendy word. It’s better to be sure and safe, then rush and cause more damage in the long run.

In the poll we also noticed a racial divide in this knowledge. If knowledge is power, and what we have learned over the past year is, inequality is in education, health, wealth, and so much more, then being educated on “green beauty” is an area that must be addressed in all communities.

How can we get this knowledge to everyone? Is a great question for natural beauty brands to think about.

As a small brand, we may not have much power to change every woe that permeates our society, but we do have the power to create small ripples that can create a much larger wave.