Amber's Journey to Healing

My name is Amber. I am a jeweler, skater, and salesperson and this is my Journey to Healing…

I've been using Shea + Coconut products for about a year now. I've loved all the ones I've tried, but always go back to Dolly. I used to use various moisturizers - Vaseline Lotion, Jergens, etc., but nothing ever helped my chronically dry legs. Now I use my Shea + Coconut when I get out of the shower, and my legs are silky smooth, hydrated, and not itchy!! I don't need to use multiple products anymore and can allow my S+C to do the heavy lifting.

I took Accutane for acne when I was in high school, and I still experience symptoms of residual dryness on my legs. It has always been hard for me to get comfortable when they get itchy and irritated. Shea + Coconut is the only thing that I've found that truly *helps* ease these symptoms, and I'm so grateful for the relief these body butters provide! They are rich and luxurious. I know I can feel good about using them on my body due to the simple ingredients.

Sometimes my hands get banged up when I'm working in my jewelry studio, and I know if my hands need a little extra attention, the body butter will be a quick fix. I often use S+C as a spot treatment, if I have a scrape, bump, or mark.

Overall the texture of my skin has greatly improved. I've even been able to use these products to heal a road rash from skating injuries. I feel they have greatly aided in scar reduction, and overall skin texture and quality! For me the most consistent thing is that my chronically itchy legs feel much more managed. That relief has made my day to day a lot more manageable.

S+C products are part of my daily routine, and I've become slightly evangelical. Whenever someone in my life has a skin ailment, I immediately force them to use my body butter. My mom was dealing with an eczema flare up and I got her a jar, and she said how nice it felt on her hands.

I love the simple ingredients and how high quality they are - it is important to me to use products that reflect my environmental values. It also inspires me to know that I'm supporting a female owned and operated company that is invested in improving local economies, domestically and abroad. I am a lifelong Shea + Coconut lover, and am so excited to see how this company continues to grow and evolve!

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