Here we answers your questions about our products and more. If you need further help, you can chat with us on Facebook or drop us a note at info@sheapluscoconut.com

What are my shipping options?

All orders ship First Class USPS or UPS for delivery within the continental USA within 2-5 business days. For expedited packing and shipping, please email us at info@sheapluscoconut.com.  Please ensure to have your package shipped to a secure location that you are able to access. Unfortunately, Shea + Coconut is not responsible for lost packages after they are delivered. 

We also ship carbon neutral with Sendle shipping, America’s first 100% carbon neutral shipping service. If we are unable to ship out with Sendle we ship with Shippo, and are currently working to find companies that can integrate to help us offset carbon when shipping through other shipping services, outside of Sendle.  


Do you ship internationally? 


At this time, no we do not, but please contact us if you are needing any assistance with international orders.


I can't find my shipment! Please help!


Every order receives a shipping confirmation email once your order has shipped. In that email, you will find tracking information and the carrier that is handling your shipment. If your package is missing or lost, please contact the carrier directly. For international shipments, please monitor the tracking information, the local carrier or customs office may hold it or contact you about delivery. If delivery is not made in a timely manner, carriers may return packages to us. This situation is disappointing for all of us. We are not able to refund purchases or shipping fees if this happens so please be sure to retrieve your shipment!


Why doesn't my shipment include a receipt or packing list? 


Outside of your return shipping label for our jar return program, at Shea + Coconut, we take every opportunity to reduce our waste. Most receipts and packing lists end up in the trash, so we elect to save that paper.


How do I ship my jars back to you?


In your first order you should receive a return label or feel free to reach out to us to create you one. Place your jars in an old box, or pick some up from USPS for free, place paper inside your box to make sure the glass does not break. If you do not wish to return your jars, you can always turn them into candle holders! When you return 10 jars back to us, we will send you a free 2oz jar of butter! You also have the option of sending us photos of how you are utilizing your jars (if you promise to let us share) for a discount!


If you purchase a Shea + Coconut product that appears defective, please contact us immediately and we will figure out what went wrong. If you purchase a product that does not work for you, please contact us at info@sheapluscoconut.com within 30 days of purchase and we can set up a personalized consultation to determine the best next steps. Please provide your order number, product name and how the product falls short of your expectations. Unfortunately, if you just changed your mind we are unable to accept returns due to the nature of the business. 

If you have sensitive skin or allergies, we recommend starting with one product and easing in slowly or patch testing in an area other than your face. For all skin types, we recommend transitioning slowly rather than starting with an entirely new skincare regimen and expecting results overnight. 

Special Editions, Free Gifts and Sets: Special/limited editions and gift sets are not eligible for returns. The full value of any gifts (mystery, free, promo) are subtracted from any return.


Yes, starting January 2022! Our subscription members get great deals on select orders, free samples + first look at brand new products! To subscribe, simply visit our subscriptions page and check out all the options to keep your butter in stock all year round. You can cancel, change products, and change quantities at any time.

Do you use Afterpay or other services like it?

No. As a company we will not be signing our company up for Afterpay, Affirm or the like. We refuse to promote debt in our community. If you cannot afford it now, buy it later, or reach out and we’d be happy to provide you with a discount. PayPal is the only exception to that rule, as PayPal is a payment processor and has an independent credit portion, which we have no control over. 

Do you have an awards program?

Sorry! At this time we do not have a rewards program. We instead have very affordable prices, and free gifts from time to time, but we do have a program that we are working in the future.

Product Ethics & Sourcing & Sustainability 

 Are your products vegan? Cruelty Free?


All of our products are derived from natural sources that embrace cruelty-free practices and are 100% vegan.

Are your products gluten free?


Our products are gluten free. 


What if I have allergies to ingredients?


All of our ingredients are listed in detail on each product page here on our website. If you have further questions, feel free to email us at info@sheapluscoconut.com


Are your products safe for pregnancy?


Our ingredients are all botanical-based and free from harmful chemicals, toxins and hormone disruptors. We have had many women use our line during pregnancy. However, everyone has a different experience during pregnancy and some herbs can be irritants so it is best to share the ingredients with your physician to address any potential concerns.

Carbon Tracking + Zero Waste

We now are tracking our carbon footprint via Vaayu! We've added zero waste labels to each of your packages. Now you don't have to remove the label from your package to recycle it. The label can 100% be recycled curbside and they are made from 100% recycled materials. Also, if your package came in a poly mailer (also made from recycled content), you can re-use it to return your jars, instead of taping up your box, or recycle it. 

Do your products contain preservatives?

Some of our products contain water and other ingredients that necessitate a safe, non-toxic preservation system to prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, yeast, or fungi. We use safe, environmentally friendly sources for our preservatives, including, all of which have been “green beauty” approved. Our preservatives help to extend the shelf life of our beautiful products.

What is the shelf-life of your products?

We recommend all products be consumed within 12-18 months. Many of our products have been known to last longer, particularly when kept in cool dark places or even the refrigerator, but refrigeration is not necessary and the products are shelf stable on their own.

Are your products certified organic or wild crafted?

Most of our products are sourced from organic or wildcrafted sources. You can rest assured that none of our ingredients are grown using GMOS or harmful chemicals.

Are your products safe for rosacea, eczema, psoriasis?

We have helped many customers with many different skin alignments, who have had success with S+C products (check out their stories here). Our line is based on traditional healing and is very anti-inflammatory. Perfect for many different skin alignments.

Do you offer wholesale opportunities?

Our S+C community is relatively small but growing. We do offer some wholesale opportunities. Please contact us here for more information info@sheapluscoconut.com

How do you support your community?

This is such an important question and a core tenant of our mission. Shea + Coconut future plans is to support many organizations through our Jars of Hope Program. We do also support small, independent vendors who supply us with ingredients for our handcrafted products.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We now offer an affiliate/influencer program. Not only will you receive 4% back for every purchase that is made through your link, but you also get access to coupon codes for your customers. The more referrals you make, the higher your % back will become. Click here to apply!