What is 

ADOS Owned

You may have heard of the term black owned business, but have you heard of an ADOS owned business? American Descendants of Slavery is a term referring to descendants of slaved Africans in the area that would become the United States. Unfortunately, they have become an almost invisible minority inside of a minority, and deserve equal and special  protections under our current laws and policies.

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A Debt Unpaid

A great debt is owed to the millions of black people that went to war for every side of this country and built the wealth of this country. If all we can do is make the acknowledgment, then we should.  MLK Speaks.


Shea + Coconut, skincare, is proudly owned by a direct descendant of chattel slavery in this country, thanks goes to those ancestors who we name Jack, Sylvia, Susan, Sam, Ritta, Henry, Peltire, and Carrie.

As in the words of my ancestors, “If you are going to tell the truth, tell it all”

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